Our Old Garden

June 22, 2010

April, 2010

Our garden in the beginning.  The garden had a few tulips and other flowers, but was also full of weeds.

May, 2010.

Our garden is ready for planting!  Our Master Gardener volunteers, Rick Skinner and Carmella Mazzotta, helped prepare the garden by digging out old plants and putting in new soil and compost.  The yellow tape was used to mark the walking paths.  In the classroom, students discussed what sorts of seeds they’d like to plant in the garden.  Among these were lettuce, tomatoes, and flowers.

May, 2010

Our first vegetables start sprouting!

June 11, 2010

Our students plant their marigolds in the garden.  Students planted seeds in pots and watered them until their plants were big enough to plant in the garden.

June 18, 2010

A few weeks later, and our garden is bursting with life!  We have sunflowers, watermelon, tomotoes, basil, mint, parsley, radishes, lettuce, marigolds, corn, eggplant, and much more growing!


One Response to “Our Old Garden”

  1. Wayne Boswell said

    The plants look healthy. The children look healthy and interested.
    Who knows, maybe the next George (or Mary) Washington Carver has had his first taste of veggies and the seed will grow.

    Great job!

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