US Botanic Garden Field Trip

June 30, 2010

Our 2nd-8th graders have the privilige of attending a week-long workshop at the US Botanic Garden to learn more about how to take care of their own garden.  Students learn about water, photosynthesis, art in nature, and identifying different types of plants through hands-on outdoor experiences.  They learn to use microscopes, pH tests, thermometers, UV readers, and more while interacting with the Botanic Garden’s outdoor flora.

Students take samples of water to measure water temperature.  Caleb: “Did you know that warm water has less oxygen? So if water is very hot, the fish can die.”

After each exploration station, students took five minutes to journal about things the saw, did, and learned at the station.  Jerimiah (3rd Grade) drew what he did to get water samples:

The 3rd and 4th Graders test pH levels of their water samples:


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