US Botanic Garden

July 6, 2010

Last Friday, the 2nd-8th graders wrapped up their weeklong outdoor education program at the US Botanic Gardens.  As part of the program, students arrived to find that someone had ‘stolen’ a particular plant from the gardens.  Students then used skills and knowledge learned from the previous three days to solve the crime.  They measured water temperature and pH, tested soil samples, looked at evidence under microscopes, and used their knowledge about photosynthesis to draw conclusions.  At the end of the day, all students received a portable magnifier so that they could continue their scientific exploration at NCFC, their homes, or in their neighborhoods.

Shad and Najeem inspect a soil sample:

Tedra, Dehja, and Raevyn dig around to identify possible evidence:

Khairi writes down his hypothesis on who stole the plant based on his investigations:

Saadiq uses the microscope to analyze a some evidence from a plant specimen:

In the fall, students will be invited to bring their families to the Botanic Gardens to show them what they learned.


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