Crazy About Cooking

July 15, 2010

Over the past two days, our students have been cooking up a storm!

The 4th grade class took their class inside due to rain and made pasta salad with City Blossoms’ Ms. Lola:

The Kindergartens made salsa!  They listed the ingredients on a poster, and went to harvest them in our garden.  Next, they wrote out the procedure for making salsa and took turns mixing it all up.  Last but not least, they followed the last step which was “Eat and Enjoy!”

After their successful salsa recipe, the 3rd and 4th grade decided to tackle two more recipes.  First they made guacamole:

With a lot of confidence and little bit of risk, the 3rd/4th grade class then decided to create their own recipe.  Here it is below:

Hurricane Yogurt

  • 4 containers of organic chocolate yogurt
  • two bananas chopped
  • two peaches chopped

1. Pour yogurt into a large bowl.

2. Cut up the bananas into little pieces and pour into the bowl.

3. Cut up the peaches into little pieces and pour into the bowl.

4. Stir and enjoy.

When asked what ‘organic’ meant, Jerimiah explained: “Organic means it doesn’t have any medicine in it.  It just comes straight from the garden or the cow.  That means that the yogurt comes straight from the cow and the cow didn’t take any medicines or steroids.”

(In case you were wondering, the class was split 50/50 on who enjoyed eating their creation and who didn’t.)

Finally, with the weather warming up again, the Kindergarteners made Mint Lemonade while the 2nd Grade class made lemonade to accompany their homemade pizza:


One Response to “Crazy About Cooking”

  1. Ms. Lola said

    Wow! NCFC kids are the best and the most adventurous eaters! I am proud of all of the kids who tried (for the first time this week) squash and basil and even raw onions. Way to go NCFC!

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