July 29, 2010

Today is another day full of cooking from raw ingredients.

3rd/4th Grade went to City Blossoms’ Marion Street garden today and made a vegetable wrap.  After trying their first taste test, they worked together as a class to explain what they did:

  • “I would like to make this again!”
  • “First we harvested chives and char from the garden.  The tomatoes were already picked.”
  • “We washed them and washed our hands and broke into groups.”
  • “Then we pulled the vegetables into little pieces so we could eat them easily.”
  • “We put it in a bag and mushed it up.  We put in oil, lemon, and salt, and mixed it all up.
  • “We mixed it all with tomatoes and avocado.”
  • “And we rolled it up and ate it!”
  • “But a little bit of pepper is really hot!”

In a vote, the class assessed their own cooking.  They gave 9 thumbs up, 1 sideways thumbs, 1 thumbs down, and 1 two thumbs up.

Tyonne, Jada, Sarah, and Raevyn try their own cooking masterpieces:

Back at headquarters, our ABLE students made a St. Louis special, Toasted Ravioli, led by Ms. Sharonda (A St. Louis native).

Ronald dips the ravioli in the beaten eggs and breadcrumbs that they prepared:

Jalysa, Trinity and Ronald can’t wait to taste their cooking:


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